Top 10 Goalkeepers of 2016


This is a list based on 2016 performances, and keepers who have been outstanding.

10. Gianluigi Donnarumma – AC Milan/Italy

When Sinso (Former Milan coach now with Torino) decided to start Donnarumma he was criticized for this decision for starting a 16 year old, however his response was ‘Those who are criticizing Donnarumma were where they when they was 16 years old’ from there on it was pretty much history, as a result Milan fired Sinso but he was appointed as Torino manager and the started of the 16/17 season Donnarumma denied the man who put him into the spotlight three points. Donnarumma would go on and help Milan beat Juve as he managed to make two saves who kept Milan in the game.

9. Petr Cech – Czech & Arsenal

Last season Arsenal managed to finish 2nd in the BPL a season in which Cech managed to keep 16 clean sheets and it was reported that he came for as little as £10 million and he has to be among a contender for signing of the season. However coming into the Euro’s 2016 Cech almost had a perfect game against Spain however it was ruined by a last minute into a new goal. As the new season kicked off thanks to some poor defending against Liverpool he conceded 4 goals however thinks got better from their on as Cech managed to make some superman saves, a good display against ManUtd earned his team a draw in a game they should’ve lost.

 8. Rui Patricio – Sporting Lisbon & Portugal

As much as the world wants to credit Ronaldo for Portugal winning the Euro’s I think it is only fair that Rui gets more because he was perfect at the Euro’s. His performance didn’t go unnoticed as he ended up getting nominated for the Ballon De Or 2016. However as club football is involved it looks rather a disappointing season for Lisbon as they are 4th and have been knocked out of the UCL.

7. Claudio Bravo – Barcelona/Chile

When you age you start to slow down and this case it is starting to happen with Bravo, I mean before he joined City, Bravo was on fire at Barcelona putting on brilliant display’s against Atletico Madrid, Las Palmas and Sevilla as Barcelona managed to lift La Liga and on he marched to the Copa America were he impressively managed to help Chile win the Cup for the 2nd successive year. However at ManCity he struggled in the beginning however his not to be blamed for the teams mistakes entirely because Johnny Stones and some other defender’s have made some school boy errors which kind of made him look bad. However as the City team is starting to jell, Bravo can return to his best.

6. David De Gea – ManUtd/ Spain

Fans from the Premier League believe his the best keeper, in the world some believe his among one of the best in the world, however few seem to believe that players in the BPL make him look good, as De Gea was exposed in the Euro’s against Croatia & Italy and in the Europa League, but regardless of that De Gea deserves credit for his positioning and how he manages to also dive in the right place and the right time. Currently has 7 cleans sheets in BPL this season, ended last season with 15 however  with things looking solid at the back and with De Gea being able to have a good understanding with Rojo & Jones, ManUtd could mount a challenge for the top 4 position.

5. Keylor Navas – Real Madrid/Costa Rica

Words cannot describe how good this man has been, His made the Real Madrid board especially those who wanted to sign De Gea look stupid, Nava’s kept off a brilliant season by winning the UCL with Real. His the definition of a top class goal keeper in the Club World Cup final Navas saved Real big time as they managed to go on and win the trophy

4. Manuel Neuer – FC Bayern/ Germany

What a keeper he is Neuer, under Ancelotti has shown the world that despite playing Guardiola’s system which basically made his work less hardworking that his style a beast between the goal posts. According to Opta Frank Manuel has kept a clean sheet for the 33rd time in CL this season (as many as Oliver Kahn) which is a german record! Neuer made his 74th appearance for Germany, equalling Matthias Sammer, which is an achievement for a keeper.

3. Samir Handanovic – Inter/Slovenia

By far one of the most overlooked goalkeepers in the world unfortunately his team Inter haven’t done a great deal to help him out. Either way in 2016 the Serie A fans have witnessed Handanovic make unbelievably saves. His got a brilliant record in saving penalties according to Opta Paulo Samir Handanovic has saved seven of the 16 penalties faced since 2014/15 for Inter (43.8%). This could be the final season Handanovic will be with Inter if they fail to qualify for the UCL.

2. Jan Oblak – Atletico Madrid/Slovenia

People who tell you that Oblak only has a number of clean sheets under his name because Atleti play with 10 players behind the ball are people who have never watched Atleti play this season. There were games in which Oblak single handedly kept Atleti in the game. PSV, FC Bayern, Espanyol and Las Palmas are a list of games in which Oblak was outstanding. Oblak has managed to keep 5 clean sheets in the UCL so far this season, only Lewandowski has managed to find the net against him which was a free kick. According to Opta Jose, Jan Oblak had a 81.8% no keeper in La Liga keeper had a better % save than him last season. However this season has been ruff for Oblak because Atleti’s defence seems to be bridged, as Oblak has already conceded 11 goals in his last 8 games to make things worse he suffered an injury which sees him sidelined until next year.

 1. Gigi Buffon – Juventus/Italy

2016 has been a milestone year for Buffon, who doesn’t seem to be aging and looks better than ever. Buffon is perhaps the greatest keeper to have ever set foot on this earth (No disrespect to Dida, Kahn, Marcos and Dino Zoff) Buffon made his 600th appearances against Chievo this year and became the third Italian to join Andrea Pirlo & Paulo Maldini to make a 100 appearance in the Champions League. His 38 years and it doesn’t look like Buffon will be slowing down anytime soon. Buffon’s best performance in 2016 was against Lyon in the UCL were he was completely unbeatable and not to forget his performance in the Euro’s which was really unlucky for Italy as they lost against Germany at the PK’s, but regardless Buffon showed his leadership skills on pitch and continues to display them at Juve.

By Tuta Ilonga, Spanish football expert on 30/12/2016 at 12:49

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