The Resurrection Of Arda Turan and Kevin Prince Boateng

We are only two games into La Liga & we already have two players who have really been on fire one couldn’t settle at AC Milan or Schalke. While the other was considered to be unwanted by the Barcelona fans but since the season started one player has become a fan favorite so far while the other has silenced his critics and won over the fans support?

Kevin Prince Boateng – Las Palmas


Kevin has so far scored two goals in two starts for Las Palmas as they have scored nine goals so far in La Liga and as the teams are heading for International Break it is Las Palmas who lead at the top of La Liga. Kevin Prince is that high profile player Las Palmas have been lacking ever since they joined La Liga, his arrival has lifted the spirits of the players and his influence looks positive so far. Prince became the fifth player in history to score in all of Europe’s top five leagues. Yes it’s early days but it would be incredible if Las Palmas can pull off a Leicester shock by winning La Liga.

Arda Turan – FC Barcelona

When Arda arrived at Barcelona he looked extremely sharp. However, after Barcelona lost 2-1 to Real Madrid the media and fans started to use him as a scapegoat which was completely unfair because if their is someone who is to be blamed it should’ve been the coach because in the 1st place he wasn’t playing him in the right position and secondly he made the wrong subs, and to round it all off Arda was yet again booed by his own fans as Turkey lost against Spain. Which again seemed very unfair because he wasn’t the worst player on the pitch.

However as the new season was reaching new heights Barcelona fans hoped Enrique would sell Arda but that didn’t happen instead he moved him to a wide position which  became key in Barcelona winning the Super Cup and winning their first two La Liga games. Arda Turan played a key figure in those goals. Arda with one goal and two assists has been involved in 43 per cent of Barcelona’s goals in La Liga and has been involved in 58 per cent of Barcelona’s goals in all competitions. As it stands no player from Barcelona has been involved in more goals than Arda Turan this season in all competitions  six (three goals & three assists) Neymar will have to work extra hard for his place as it stands.

Tuta Ilonga, TFN Spanish football expert on 31/08/2016 at 18:22

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