The Premier League Is The Best League In The World


If I would’ve told you that Leicester City would be on top of the Premier League during the summer, 10/10 people would of told me to “shut up” and “learn more about football” (I probably would’ve done the same if someone told me that). But let’s just think about that sentence, isn’t it crazy how Leicester are top of the league? They have been very consistent (not particularly the best), hard working and have some very clever players. And at times, play some extremely beautiful football, football you’d think wouldn’t be produced from Leicester. This season has also shown us two players who have taken the league by storm, Riyad Mahrez and the record breaking Jamie Vardy. Both of these players have been quite simply, brilliant! Jamie Vardy earlier in the season broke Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s record of scoring in 10 consecutive Premier League games. He scored in his eleventh game against (of all sides) Manchester United and I think everyone who watches the PL must have clapped or cheered that goal when it went in because it was quite a way to do it.

A lot of the big teams this season haven’t been at their best. Manchester United have been extremely lethargic and soulless for a high percentage of the season and failing to even have a shot on target until the 60-70th minute (which is quite embarrassing). The fans were hyped about LVG’s arrival and I think they now feel they’ve been fooled by the Dutch manager and they’re seeming to get very annoyed with him and constant injuries, disappointing performances and results.

Manchester City v Chelsea - Premier League

Sergio Aguero has saved Manchester City time and again this season, netting vital goals for his side.

Manchester City looked like they might storm away with the title but injuries hit and inconsistency followed as they dropped some vital points against teams they shouldn’t have. I will be honest and say that if Vincent Kompany was fit then I think the situation would be very different… As always, the main man Sergio Aguero has been there to save their skin at times, what a tremendous player he is. A true joy to watch and always brightens up any bad City performance with a bit of magic.

The Premier League is quite simply the best league in the world.

Arsenal are just being the same old Arsenal, failing to win games that they should be winning and just letting their fans down at the times when they could be on to something. It’s the same old story with them and things will need to change if they want to win the Premier League title after waiting for 12 years now. One thing that has been very (very) good in Arsenal’s season is the emergence of Mesut Özil. He’s been assisting goals like it’s nothing this season. Topping the assist charts in England and Europe with flying colours.


Is there anything Mesut Ozil can’t do? The German playmaker has been superb for Arsenal this season.

Chelsea… Well, well, well… What has happened? This was the side that pretty much had the title in the bag by December because everyone else was just very poor. They were just going past team after team and getting three points without fail. They were absolutely storming it and they were odds on favourites to win the title again, but that hasn’t gone down very well. At the start of November, they were sitting in 16th with 11 points after 12 games. Every single player from the goalkeeper to the striker just simply wasn’t performing and it was really weird to see (and also enjoyable if you aren’t a Chelsea fan). Jose Mourinho, the Special One, the most loved Chelsea manager of all time, was sacked a scecond time by Abramovich as things were just simply not getting better at all and they were just losing more and more ground from the Premier League front runners. Guus Hiddink was the man who replaced him and he’s done an ok job so far. They are not losing games, they’re winning and drawing quite a fair few of them but they do look a much better side.


Things turned sour for Chelsea and Jose Mourinho this season.

Let me make a long story short, the Premier League is quite simply the best league in the world. There’s no debating it. We might not have the best players in the world here but no other league has the competitiveness than we do. In the other major leagues, there’s always one or two clubs that are going for the title and it doesn’t tend to change. Over here, we can have more than four who are battling it out for a title and to make things even more interesting, the six teams under the top four always make a good spectacle going for the Europa league spots. You can have your opinion that the BPL isn’t the best league in the world but the fact is, that it is!

By Ben Johnson TFN Columnist on 08/02/2016 at 20:54.



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