Small Club Spotlight: Bayswater City SC


Bayswater, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia is right on the Swan River. It was founded by two native groups of people, one being of Noongar speaking language and the Yellagonga’s people. The first Europeans to settle in this area was James Stirling in the year 1829. The area remained practically unsettled until the introduction of the Fremantle to Guildford railway line in 1881. Now Bayswater has grown into the thriving city it is today, with a population just over 12,000 and home to one of the NPL Western Australia’s best teams, Bayswater City SC.

The club was founded in 1961, plays its home games in front of 5,000 people at Frank Drago Reserve. The club got to where it is today after the merger of Lathlain Meazza and Rosemount Juventus in 1980 forming Rosemount Meazza. A year later they merged with Bayswater United becoming Bayswater Inter. To this day the club still uses Inter as the club’s official nickname. 15 years later the club changed its name to Bayswater City Panthers after merging yet again with another club in the area Stirling Panthers. They dropped the Panthers part in 2003. If you haven’t noticed already the club has a massive Italian influence. Their badge consists of the blue and black stripes similar to Internazionale and the green and red of the Azzurri national team. Their kits resemble those of Internazionale, the nickname namesake.


Frank Drago Reserve – the home ground of Bayswater City SC

Grassroots football in Australia continues to grow as long as the popularity of football in general continues to grow. Teams like Bayswater City who are establishing a reputation for themselves and producing quality talent are really helping that. Chris Coyne, ex West Ham United player is their head coach. With a name like that I can’t see why football fans aren’t flocking to see them play. COME ON INTER!

By Jonathan Molik, Small Club Spotlight Creator on 28/01/2016 at 11:22



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