Why do Football Fans Leave Games Early?!


As someone who attends football matches all summer long in multiple cities and countries, a recurring theme I have noticed is fans leaving early. I can’t come to comprehend paying for a ticket not to stay the whole game. I’ve asked people why they leave early and some of the responses I’ve heard are ridiculous. The true question is, is it ever acceptable to leave a football match early? Lets run through some scenarios.

A common thing is weather and people leaving early. It’s water, the same thing you drink and shower with. Why is it any different hitting you on the head while watching football? So you get a little wet, you can change after. These people tend to be the females or people there because they got free tickets. This is an invalid reason for leaving early.


Football stands can be a lonely place at times.

Reason number two, their team is losing. If someone approached me and told me this, I’d punch them so hard, their kidneys would come out their nostrils. If you call yourself a supporter how can you just leave your club when they need your support to come back. Especially in the “supporters section” you don’t have the right to sit there ever again, ever!

The only thing worse than leaving when your team is losing is leaving when they’re winning. I was in Cleveland, Ohio seeing FC Buffalo play AFC Cleveland. FC Buffalo was losing going into the 90th minute and us Buffalo supporters were getting frustrated with the refereeing and got let’s say a little antsy. Their supporters didn’t wanna listen to us so instead of celebrating their victory, they left. The same happened in Toronto, Ontario when TFC fans wanted to beat the crowd and started to file out in the 87th minute of a 1-0 game! Philadelphia came back to equalize in deep stoppage time through Jack McInerney and the game ended 1-1, incredible ending that 10,000 people didn’t get to see yet payed for it.


Liverpool fans pictured leaving Anfield eight minutes before the end of their match with Crystal Palace earlier this season.

I’ve seen a lot of talk of people confusing fans leaving early and fans boycotting as the same thing. What Wolves fans did and Leeds United fans did and not show up to protest against their owners was (even though I don’t agree with it) a legitimate reason. Or away fans not going away to protest ticket prices like at the Emirates which has the lowest percentage of away tickets sold in the entire Premier League due to them having the highest priced away ticket, but that is an argument for another day.

The only legitimate reason you have for reason a match early is health issues or family emergencies which should be obvious. What does it look like to other people getting into football who turn on a game in the 90th minute and see half the place empty? It looks like no one goes which doesn’t help especially in America. So do us all a favor football fans, stay the whole game. No one benefits from you leaving early.


By Jonathan Molik on 17/01/2016 at 18:20 @JonathanMolik


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