“Thursday Nights, What The F…?” How Sky Sports Are Ruining Football


molineux-wolvesRecently Sky Sports had the “10 in 10” scheme which showed ten football league games in ten days, which started with Wolves vs Nottingham Forest and ended with Walsall vs Port Vale, which has caused nothing but misery for the majority of fans.

Especially away fans who already fork out a large part of their time and money to follow their team up and down the country, which is a hard enough task without games being moved constantly. Home fans feel similar sympathy as it is hard to make games mid week, with work and/or people catching trains to games makes it all but impossible for some.


But this hasn’t just started with “10 in 10”. It’s been going on all season long, especially in the Championship, and the loyals are fed up with Sky treating the league like a toy. This boiled over in the Wolves vs Leeds game in which Leeds orchestrated several chants against Sky Sports in which a smattering of Wolves fans joined in with disgruntlement.

The feeling amongst fans is that Sky have only taken notice of lower league football since losing a chunk of Premier League games and Champions League games, so now they have to show some form of football. But certain club are picked more than others, the main four teams seem to be Derby, Notts’ Forest, Wolves and Leeds. And looking into games they’ve each been on around six times this season, which means around one in three games so far have been changed for Sky for each club. And it shows no sign of slowing down either.


By the end of February Wolves will have been on television ten times which is more than any other Midlands club and I’m sure without looking it’ll be same with other clubs. This fact makes it harder for clubs to get people through the doors as their argument is “why pay extra when I can watch it at home”. And they have a point. Why would people pay £30-£40 with food included when they can sit at home to watch it. It’s because of this stadiums are empty because to make up the difference the fans that go have to pay higher ticket prices so they subsequently can’t go to as many games because they can’t afford it. There is no winner here. Apart from Sky.

I know people will often read “Sky are ruining football”, but the simple fact is really THEY ARE! They are making it so people can no longer go to games because they really can’t afford to. Which is very sad that people are missing out on going to games because of Sky Sports really. FIFA might be ruining football globally, but look closer to home. Because Sky are ruining it from the bottom.


By Joseph Hill – TFN Columnist & Wolves season ticket holder @FuckOffBathh


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