Jamie Vardy’s Season in Numbers

  • Published by Jonathan Molik on 05/12/2015 at 11:23 @JonathanMolik

November 28th 2015, the day Jamie Vardy slingshotted himself into the Premier League record books when he scored in eleven consecutive top flight games surpassing the previous record held by Ruud Van Nistelrooy. But Jamie hasn’t always been a goal scoring machine like he has been this season, in fact he hasn’t always been a professional footballer! We’ll take a look at all this but more specifically answer the question everyone’s asking, is this streak just luck?

Jamie Vardy has always been a good goalscorer going all the way back to his Stockbridge Park Steels days where he scored 66 in 107. Next he moved onto FC Halifax where he had 4 in 3. Then came Fleetwood Town where he had 31 in 36.

Now lets compare Jamie Vardy’s season last campaign to this year. Last season Vardy scored five goals in 34 games on a 60 per cent shot accuracy which averages out to 0.15 goals a game on average which is pitiful for a Premier League striker. This season however through 14 games has 14 goals on 62% shot accuracy with an average of 1.00 per game. These numbers are unheard of. So he seems to be taking the same amount of shots with the same accuracy rate but the conversion rate is drastically different.

James Vardy Leicester City 10
This season Jamie Vardy has taken 55 shots which converts to 3.9 shots a game on average and off those average 1 goal a game resulting in his 14 for a season. Per game this equals 25 per cent shot conversion rate which is a hard stat to compare to other players as everyone shoots a different amount per game. So you could say “wow that is really good” or you can say “well three of his shots don’t go in per game”. But only 38% of his shots aren’t on targeting meaning only on average under 1 of his shots a game are off target which means the other two are either resulting in corners or forcing the goalie to make saves which is also not a bad thing.
On top of his goals he’s created 17 opportunities this season which averages over one a game. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean for team mates as squawka doesn’t specify and I can’t find a heat map but he only has one assist this year and looking at where he tends to play on the last defender there isn’t much ball moving he can do. He pretty much gets the ball in the box every time and scores.
So what do you think? Is Jamie Vardy’s streak a fluke or is he a real talent? I don’t think there’s significant evidence to prove either but I have given you the numbers for you to decide.


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