Crunch The Stats: David Silva vs Mesut Ozil

By Peter Muldoon – TFN Founder @ThePeterMuldoon

A vital component to any successful team in modern football is ability of the the attacking midfielders in the side. Such play-makers have the ability to control the entire tempo of the team. They are highly creative individuals with an ability to create and score goals out of nothing. They can pick out a pin point forty yard pass with as much ease as they can flick on a delightful through ball for their centre forward. It is because of their unique skills that they are so highly sought after by Europe’s top clubs. The Premier League is blessed with two of the world’s best in Manchester City’s David Silva and Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil. But who is better? We used stats to find out!

This Season:

 David Silva                         Mesut Ozil

Games Played:                   07                                         13

Goals Scored:                     01                                          03

Shot Accuracy:                 33%                                      84%

Chances Created:             23                                         53

Pass Accuracy:                  87%                                      86%

Assists:                                   06                                          09

So far this season it has been Ozil that appears to be performing better but this may be due to Silva’s lack of game time with persistent injuries preventing him from having a run in the City team. Ozil has been having arguably his best spell in an Arsenal shirt combining with Alexis Sanchez to single handily destroy Manchester United 3-0 in October. The Spaniard has also enjoyed an excellent start with six assists in five league outings makes for reading. However I feel Mesut just pips it in this category. 1-0 to the German!

Mesut Ozil in action for Arsenal.

Mesut Ozil in action for Arsenal.

Since 2009/10:

                                    David Silva              Mesut Ozil

Total Appearances:                                         230                                252

Total Goals:                                                           46                                  46

Assists:                                                                    66                                 103

Key Passes Per Game:                                    2.7                                 3.1

Shots Per Game:                                               02                                  1.2

Average Passes Per Game:                        55.1                             47.5

Pass Accuracy:                                                   86%                           86%

Crosses Per Game:                                           0.8                                1.5

Long Balls Per Game:                                     1.4                               1.5

Through Balls Per Game:                               0.5                               0.4

The statistics available to me begins in the 2009/10 season. So having compared the players in this period it is equally as tight as the first category. Both players have played in 230+ matches in this time for club and country. Their stats are comparable as they both spent the majority of their time playing in Spain and England since 2009. The stats display what are eyes see every week. This pair are world class! I doubt any player from Europe’s top five leagues have more assists than Ozil’s 103 in this time. While Silva’s average passes per game of 55.1 is unlikely to be rivaled by anyone else. Once again it appears the German may just edge it! 2-0 to Ozil!

David Silva is at the centre of Manchester City's attack.

David Silva is at the centre of Manchester City’s attack.


                                   David Silva                 Mesut Ozil

World Cup:                                                              01                                01

European Championship                                 02                                00

Premier League:                                                   02                                 00

FA Cup:                                                                      01                                 02

League Cup:                                                            01                                00

Community Shield:                                             01                                02

La Liga:                                                                        00                                01

Copa del Rey:                                                           01                               01

DFB Pokal:                                                                 00                                01

Total:                                                                            09                                08

Both Silva and Ozil have enjoyed hugely successful careers to date, both winning the World Cup while Silva is also a double European Championship winner. With 17 trophies between them, this pair know success. They were brought to England in order to inject success to clubs who had been through barren spells without success. It is beyond doubt that they have both produced massively, even if it did take Ozil 18 months to settle into Premier League life! With nine major honours Silva reduces the deficit to 2-1!

David Silva celebrates the Euro 2008 win.

Mesut Ozil in the German dressing room after the World Cup final win.

So according to the stats we have gathered, Mesut Ozil edges David Silva as the better play-maker by the smallest of margins but in my opinion it’s too close to call. They are very similar players but both have their own unique qualities that make them so special. Silva’s fantastic dribbling ability and Ozil’s passing skills are worth the cost of a matchday ticket alone. Wie can just be thankful that players of this calibre are playing in the Premier League week-in-week-out! Who do you think is better? Tweet us your thoughts to @FutbolNetwork! Thanks for reading and make sure to check back again soon! Follow me on Twitter @ThePeterMuldoon.

Thanks to and for the stats!


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