If Supporters Voted On Transfers

  • By Jonathan Molik – United States Correspondent & TFN Columnist @italianmolik

One night before I went to bed, I was lying in my bed scrolling through Twitter looking at football rumors especially the bullshit ones because I get a good laugh out of them. Then I thought to myself, I wonder what football teams would be like if the supporters chose their teams signings.

So because I’m a Manchester United supporter, I took to United fan’s twitter and asked them: “If Manchester United tweeted out a strawpoll with every player who currently plays football and said you can choose two and the top two voted on we’ll sign them.”

Tottenham's Harry Kane is in demand.

Tottenham’s Harry Kane is in demand.

As you would expect the results varied all over the board. Most people said Pedro or Otamendi solely on the fact we are rumored with them and if they aren’t familiar with them they heard good things about them. People who have a greater knowledge of football suggested: Draxler, Cahill, Stones, Foster, Laporte, Varane, De Bruyne, Kane, Austin, and Oblak. Then you had the obvious ones: Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Neymar, Suarez, Bale, Neuer. But one name I didn’t see which really surprised me was Paul Pogba. Yes we would be at a loss bringing him back but you can’t hide the fact it would be amazing to have a talent like him at Manchester United.

Then I got to thinking, If the club is letting fans choose who to sign, they are probably gonna let them choose who to sell too. So again I took to Twitter saying: “If Manchester United tweeted a strawpoll with a list of every player on the roster and gave you two votes as to who to sell, who would you?” This time the results didn’t vary as much but there were some surprises. The most popular vote was for Johnny Evans. Other votes went too: De Gea, Rooney, Hernandez, Jones, Blackett, Young, Valencia, Smalling, Lindegaard, and Januzaj. I was very surprised to see Rooney but all the others weren’t a shock.

Does David de Gea have a future at Old Trafford?

Does David de Gea have a future at Old Trafford?

As you can see having supporters vote for who the club should buy and sell is a horrible idea and should never leave the drawing board that is our imagination. But I am curious to see what other teams would look like. Have an idea what your favorite team’s roster would look like? Tweet me (@italianmolik) or @FutbolNetwork. Also if you would like to see me look into more teams let me know!


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